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Corporate Event Photography

                        Photography is an indispensable factor in creating a valuable event experience.

  • Photography memorializes the event for participants, contributors and vendors

  • Photographs broaden the reach of the event through social media and online resources 

  • Photos add an element of fun to conferences and underscore the value of award celebrations.

  • Above all, photographs and videos become a valuable historical and marketing asset into the future

An experienced corporate event photographer has a unique skill set. From photojournalism to portraiture, product photography to grip and grin, hiring a professional photographer will provide you with compelling content for publicity, corporate documents, websites and other marketing objectives.  

Just as hiring a captivating keynoter or crafting and executing an engaging agenda, excellent corporate event photography is central to maximizing your conference's investment. Unobtrusive when need be and assertive when necessary, I have decades of experience as a photographer. Many of my corporate clients are among Fortune 500 companies, national trade associations, international corporations and non-profits. 

Whether you need your event photos for stories in your corporate, trade and industry magazines; to raise brand awareness through compelling imagery; or to create engaging social media posts, photographs must tell a story and convey the spirit, relationships, interactions and flavor of your meeting. Be they events large or small I, and when necessary, my associates, strive to capture an event in all its myriad aspects. I feel that communication before and throughout a function is vital to our success. Client satisfaction is paramount and I am always open to the direction, requests and ideas of my clients.